When entering a character, please send me the description in this format to my talkpage. Thanks for reading!

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Occupation:
  • Any former occupations:
  • Appearance:
    Body type
    Misc [anything else we would like to know]
  • Accessories: [some will start with these, others may end up getting them at a later point in the story]
  • Weapons: [weapons and attachments that the character would regularly use. This is not absolutely required though]


When you enter this RP/story you are, in a light sense, obligated to respond when I "leave the door open for you" per-say. Since this is both an RP and a story I will habitually give participants a chance to choose the direction of the story, and in consequence, alter the path it takes. I will leave something in parenthesis at the end of my posts when I do this, and it will be entitled to a certain participant.

For instance, at the end of an update - [SILVER: What does Eric do?]

Since it is entitled to Silver he has to respond to it within 7 days, and if that does not happen then I simply make his character do something and continue on. Sometimes I might not update for awhile though, so basically as long as you give an answer before I continue on, you will get it.