Rules(Redwall version)

This is not the world map, but the redall map. There are 6 continents(N.Mossflower, Toadlands, Badlands, Marshes, Southsward, Coast) You must defeat all oponents to win. Everytime you capture a country, you gain 5 extra units. You start out with 3. you must choose 1 country to start out on then start conquering. Enjoy.


As Admin, Martin2 dictates a map of Redwall should be used. The managing party is free to use his own map rather than this one: Redwall map


Southsward: Castle Floret, The Isle of lake Marl.

Coast: Salamandastron, Redwall, Bat Mountpit

N.Mossflower: Lingl-Dubbo cave, Crows Pine Grove, Gorge of foxes, Bowfleg's camp.

Toadlands: Western mountains, Great South Stream.

Badlands: Holt Lutra, Bobbo's den, caves of Luke's tribe.

Marshes: Boldred's tunnel, Marshank, Noonvale.

There are only allowed 6 teams.


Me:. Starts: North Mossflower. Army: 8 soldiers.

Martin2: Starts: Southsward. Army: 3

Thornclaw: Starts: Coast. Army: 3