This is a tactical battle game. You control a fleet as Grand Admiral of the Navy for either the Carthagenian Empire or the Revenian Republic. Each side has it's advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the era in which you fight, which determines the size of your starting forces and the types of ships available. Yes, I did make lego models of the ships to take pictures of. So what?

Each era is different.


Cartahginian Exploratory Force (CEF)

Starting Forces

One task force of eleven Stryker Class ships. You have the planets of Carthegenia, Charon IV, and Amulia.


Starting Forces

Around eleven Relnualt Class Warbirds. Three to four Arecheon Class vessels. Any planets in the outer area, away from CEF Influence.


Carthegenian Imperial Navy

Starting Forces

A large fleet. Two Majesty-class Carriers, Four Nautilus-class Battleships, (more to be added).