This is a page of the ships for the game Fleet Commander.


Era Notes

Colonial Era

This era describes the period before the Carthagenien Space Navy was formed, when the Carthegenian Exploratory Force was the dominant power in the galaxy and the Pirates were the greatest threat.

Imperial Era

This describes the period where the Carthagenien Empire began claiming territory in space. A resistance formed during this time, and the pirates remained in existence. All ships that did not have FTL in the Colonial Era now do (excluding fighters).

Republican Era

The beginning of this era saw the official rise to power of the Revenian Republic and it's war with the Carthagenien Empire. At the end of this period, a peace treaty was signed at the Battle of Carthageniea.

Hikosean Era (Early)

This era began with the Hikosean family rising to the throne of Carthegenia with a new, no-tolerance policy towards the Revenian Republic. The Revenians successfully defended their republic, and killed Renyold Hikos, the Emperor of Carthagenia. His nephew and only heir, Elyan Hikos, made peace with the Revenian Republic.

Hikosean Era (Intermediate)

In this era, the Farel Empire challenged the navies of both the Carthgenien Empire and the Revenien Republic. It marked the beginning of the Farel War.

Hikosean Era (Late)

This era begins with the Revenians and Carthageniens foring an alliance against the Farel Empire, defeating it and thus ending the Farel War.

Revolution Era

This era is defined by the revolution on Cartheginia, giving rise to the Carthegenian Confederation.


Colonial Era

Stryker Class

The Stryker is the basic ship for the CEF. It has one weapon, minimal engine power, and no FTL (Faster Than Light) drive.


A Stryker class ship

Hermes Class

The Hermes Class is a low=level scout/destroyer vessel. It has a FTL drive.

CEF 02

A Hermes class vessel


Colonial Era

Relnualt Class Warbird

The Relnualt Warbird is a small, versatile attack ship in use by pirates and other illegal organizations. No FTL.

Pirate 01

A Relnualt Class Warbird

Arecheon Class Vessel

The Archeon has FTL.

Pirate 02

An Arecheon Class Vessel

Imperial Era

Deraliss Class

The Deraliss Class destroyer is a destroyer class ship used by the Pirate faction. It is capable of carrying ten Ravager Drones.

Ravager Drones

The Ravager is a drone used by the Pirate Faction that carries two lasers and a single high explosive missile.


Imperial Era


The Raider class scout vessel is the first vessel used by the Resistance. It has FTL.

R 01

A Raider class scout

Goliath Class

The Goliath class warship has EMP missiles and standard lasers. FTL.

R 02

A Goliath class

Carthagenien Imperial Navy

Imperial Era


The Stryker gets FTL in this era.

Imperial Class

A re-vamped Hermes class. It has upgraded weapons and movement.

CEF 03

An Imperial Class Starship