NOTICE: LEGENDS OF ADNRAIL WILL NOT START FOR SOME TIME. Play CTF: Extreme Warfare or Fleet Commander instead.

This will guide you through the Character Creation process for Legends of Andrail.


Terr'ralis Aichi'val

Played by Silverfalcon Pikehawk

Level 1 Avrain Assasian

XP till next level: 100


Speed: 17

Agility: 16

Intelligence : 15

Strength: 17

Endurance: 20

Charisma: 16


Dark Elf

Harden Rocksfeller

Dwarf: played by Umrag/The Pursed One


Level 1 Sorcerer.

XP until next level: 100


Speed: 14

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 17

Strength: 13

Endurance: 13

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a: 13


Played by Neil.


Human Assassin Level 1

XP till next level: 100


Speed: 11

Agility: 9

Intelligence : 20

Strength: 11

Endurance: 12

Charisma: 16


Dark Elf


Dark Elf

Erilian Jel'Harren

Played by Alana Daran.


Level 1 Fencer


Speed: 14

Agility: 20

Intelligence : 17

Strength: 6

Endurance: 11

Charisma: 12

Names for characters

Some Example Names

High Elf

  • Alyana Chal'dareth (Male)
  • Careel Nor'forle (Female)
  • Encarra Nol'elstra (Male)
  • Aryel So'fareth(Female)


Do you really need help with this?

  • William Goodlon (Male)
  • Reese Norfolf (Female)
  • Eric Calmanody (Male)
  • Elna Haret (Female)

Dark Elf

  • Maragoth (Female)
  • Rehannna (Female)
  • Chelnarn (Male)
  • Goharrag (Male)


  • Carel Forgewine (Female)
  • Brethlan Silverhammer (Male)
  • Elsan Treecutter (Female)
  • Corog Shattershield (Male)

Lizard People

Lizard people have no gender.

  • Slarathin
  • Choveelen
  • Soharran
  • Sletherol


  • Gro'Gog Mo'Lannnon (Male)
  • Shel'lag Trehansa (Female)
  • Ar'Grok Chel'Resffa (Male)
  • El'nor' Waragga (Female)


  • Horlas Elsfaran (Male)
  • Relad Chomarro (Female)
  • Arnol Len'tarra (Male)
  • Lorhan Ferezion (Female)

Step One: Choose Your Race

There are many races in the game. This section overviews them all.

The High Elves

The High Elves are immortal, and practice magic. High Elves tend to favor a combination of the sword and magic. They have a strong connection with the sun and receive a small bonus when in it's light. They do not die of old age.

High Elf Statistics

  • +3 Bonus to Sword Skill
  • Automatically has feat Ambidextrous (sword)
  • +1 to All traits when in sun
  • +5 Bonus to Elemental Magic
  • -5 to Sorcery


Humans are a very adaptable race, and endowed with natural curiosity. They can use the sword equally as well as the mace of war hammer. They even appear to have an affinity for technology.

Human Statistics

  • +8 Bonus to technology
  • +4 Bonus to Swords, Maces, Hammers, Axes.
  • +3 Endurance

Dark Elves

These blue-skinned warriors from the North are adept with bows and dark sorcery magic.

Dark Elf Statistics

  • +8 Bonus to Sorcery
  • +4 Bonus to Bows


These short denzians of the land underneath the land, Dwarfs have a penchant for axes and mining. They are the best forgers of weapons.

Dwarf Statistics

  • Short
  • +5 Bonus to Axes
  • +8 Resistance

Lizard People

The enigmatic reptiles of the southern swamps are cold-blooded giants. They use primarily axes and clubs, but have been known to use short swords on occasion. They use ancestral magic.

Lizard People Statistics

  • 7-8 Feet Tall
  • Cold Blooded (In cold and hot weathers, suffers a -1 to all attributes per 20 degrees of extreme weather)
  • Terror (All enemies with Endurance less than that of the Lizard Person must roll a Flee check)
  • +7 to Axes, Clubs


These twisted denizens of the sun-baked eastern deserts use axes and heavy armor to overcome their foes with brute strength.

Orc Statistics

  • +8 to blunt weapons/aces
  • +5 to strength
  • -3 to intelligence


These bird-like creatures of the northern marches have wings that allow them to fly short distances, great speed, and an affinity for elemental magic.

Avrain Statistics

  • +10 to speed
  • +3 to agility
  • +5 to elemental magic


There are six attributes: speed, agility, intelligence, strength, endurance, and charisma. When you are ready, Martin2 will roll a die to detirmene your attrubtes. They can be re-rolled if you desire. When you have a roll you like, you can add ten points wherever you desire.


This governs how fast your character moves. Charging enemies and certain attacks require speed rolls, as well as running.


This governs the reflexes of your character. Blocking attacks, dodging, and fleeing all require agility rolls.


This governs how smart your character is. Solving puzzles, remembering facts (that are not known already) and getting hints from the GM are all intelligence rolls.


This governs how much physical work your character can preform. Lifting objects, some blocks and physical combat all require strength rolls.


This attribute governs how much your character can take. Resistance against poison, torture, and fall under this attribute.


This attribute governs the skill of convincing others to do what you want them to. Manipulation, deceit, bargaining, and leadership all fall under this attribute.


Once you have detirmened your attributes, choose your class.

The calss system is a three tiered system. Once you are Level 10, you get to choose your Expert (Tier II) class. When you are level 20, you choose your Master Class.

Novice Classes


Archers use bows. No duh.

+3 to Agility

+5 to Bows


Primary Weapon: Axes.

+3 to Strength

+5 to Axes


Bandits use axes and stealth.

+3 to Agiltiy

+5 to Axes






Battle Wizard/Witch