Based off of a certain idea I had a while ago. You might say this turned out to be similar to Wild Doogy Plumm's Redwall Hero's RPG (3) but that is purely coincidence.

Basic Ruleage

You're character starts with a Level 1 Power, no Skills. You can get only ONE level 1 power. You can't change it either. And a dagger made of bronze. There is also a single player "quest" option. Anything you get in a quest can be used in the Arena.

Non Player Characters


Lord Esnal

Mindgazer, with Vere Pyporus Sword.

Player Characters

Powers And Such

Level One Powers

  • Mindgazing: the ability to see surface thoughts. Whoever you are trying to read can try to block it, though.
  • Mindblocking: Cannot be Mindgazed, can even hurt the person that is attempting to.
  • Staring: The ability to inflict physical discomfort upon eye contact.
  • Binding: The ability to, upon eye contact, impair the movement of another person.
  • Imperium Ignus: Small control over fire.
  • Imperium Unda: Small control over water.
  • Imperium Aer: Small control over air.
  • Imperium Terra: Small control over earth.

Level One Abilities

  • Probing: (From Mindgaze) The ability to dig into enemy thoughts. (Cost: 6)
  • Recoil: (From Mindblock) The ability to attack an enemy Mindgazer who is not reading you. (Cost 6)
  • Agony: (From Staring) The ability to torture an enemy using Staring. (Cost 10)
  • Paralyze: (From Binding) The ability to freeze an enemy in place for a short period of time (Cost 7)
  • Spark: (From I.I.) The ability to start a small fire. (Cost 12)
  • Spring: (From I.U.) The ability to create a small spring of water. (Cost 12)
  • Zephyr (From I.A.) The ability to summon a small wind without any other wind around. (Cost 12)
  • Tremor (From I.T.) The ability to create a small earthquake. (Cost 12)


  • Vere Pyropus Sword: Shiny... Basic. (Cost 15)
  • Vere Plumbum Sword: Tinny... (Cost 20)
  • Vere Chalybs Sword: Night Black Iron (Cost 26)
  • Vere Argentum Sword: Shiny silver (Cost 34)
  • Vere Aurum Sword: "Pure" gold (Cost 50)
  • Luna Argentum Sword: Quite powerful (Cost 500)
  • Helios Aurum Sword: Super powerful (Cost 769000)