This is based on a real game, with modifications. This is an RPG.


It's the year 2073. The U.S's economy has failed 3 years ago, and the U.S. split in half. The northern half has been taken over by a religous cult, The Meskars, who believe that they should rule the world and in human sacrifices. The southern half has split into small states, where a chief decides all the comings and goings. The south is plagued by bandits, who dwell everywhere in large gangs. No one can contact the outside world. The coasts are haunted by sea monsters, which are believed to be humans horribly deformed by the polluted oceans.


The Northern half people fight the northern side, southern people fight southern side. Sea monsters fight all. There will be computer generated characters also. Players will not meet each other until a far point in the game. Do not give me your weapons or how you look, just give me your side. You have to give me your name and gender, and you can include a bio. That's optional.


You choose what half and whose side you're on.

Northern Half

The Meskars: The religous clan of murders, these highly intelligent beings hire thugs to do their work for them. However, if it comes to fight, under their black cloaks they have two revolvers, two poisoned knifes, and a pistol. They are experts at agility, and have excellent martial arts skills. Very stealthy.

The Rebels: These guys don't like the Meskars, so they fight back. They are tough strong men who have thirty years of millitary training. Armed with two shotguns, a rifle (your choice) and a machete, these guys rely on strength to pull them through. Very tough and strong, but not too clver or fast.

Southern Half

The Police: The troops that guard the small states are called police. They have no real speciality, but they're rather jack-of-all trades. Have bulletproof armor and a utility belt with a pistol, club, Mace spray can, radio, knife, water flask, and a revolver. Are good with tactics.

The Bandits: These weak men rely on their sheer numbers to win. They wear simple leather clothes, and are armed with knifes and muskets. Often ride horses into battle. Much outclassed by the police, but their numbers prevail in the end. Bandits are good at nothing.


Sea Monsters: Horribly deformed humans, these creatures have no intelligence at all, but the strength of ten men and the running speed of a cheetah. Armed with nothing but claws and teeth, these creatures stand ten feet tall. If hungry enough will resort to cannibalism.