I've had this idea for years. You start out as any HUMAN character and you get four weapons (a long weapon, a close-range, a long-range (ie: longbow, crossbow), and a special) and any sort of armour. Then you travel throughout this world I made up. (NOTE: I need someone to draw a map!) The military units are based on those of my Player vs. Player RPG. Every city has shops and a market, where you can sell items for money.


1. No swearing or being innappropriate.

2. No immediate killing.

3. No fighting in a battle and killing thousands of enemies and surviving without a single scratch.

4. No immediate traveling. You can travel anywhere you like, but tell me where you want to go.

5. You cannot be a unit type. You must have your special clothing and weapons.



Ruler: King Hygelac

Military: Royal Knights, Two-handed Swordsmen, Longbowmen, Crossbowmen, Pikemen

Terrain: Plains, and mountains in the north.

Enemies: Skalln, Tallasco, Ikerica, Scotton

Allies: Clonnelia, Teutonland, Atanva

Capital: Castle Arador

Situation: Peaceful and content. No war has come to Arador for two decades.


Ruler: Great Jarl Gortak

Military: Berserks, Longswordsmen, Slave Archers

Terrain: Snow, Ice

Enemies: Arador, Tallasco, Ikerica, Teutonland, Scotton, Clonnelia, Teutonland, Korbenik

Allies: None

Capital: Bornasholm

Situation: Slave trade runs deep in Skalln. All soldiers are raiders.


Ruler: Chancellor Giovanni Mizzortenni

Military: Legionaries, Spearmen, Crossbowmen, Light Cavalrymen

Terrain: Mountains

Enemies: Arador, Ikerica, Skalln, Atanva, Teutonland, Sarmatia, Ursali

Allies: Korbenik

Capital: Melidava


Ruler: King Sebastian III

Military: Missionary, Longswordsman, Pikeman, Bowman, Knight

Terrain: River-filled valleys

Enemies: Arador, Skalln, Tallasco, Teutonland, Korbenik

Allies: Atanva, Clonnelia

Capital: Venchia

Situation: Building a large army. Is attempting to gain right to form a base on Clonnelia for unknown reasons.


Ruler: Protector Angus MacFergus

Military: Woad Raiders, Two-handed Swordsmen, Militia

Terrain: Highlands

Enemies: Arador, Ikerica, Skalln, Teutonland, Clonnelia

Allies: None

Capital: Rorgin

Situation: Commonly raids Arador, but not that much in the past 20 years. In both a civil war and a war with Clonnelia.


Ruler: King Seamus VIII

Military: Longswordsmen, Crossbowmen, Cavaliers, Knights

Terrain: Lake-filled Highlands

Enemies: Skalln, Scotton

Allies: Arador, Ikerica

Capital: Nenviss

Situation: At war with Scotton.


Ruler: Grandmaster Johan Belisarius

Military: Teutonic Knights, Paladins, Crossbowmen, Pikemen

Terrain: Town-filled plains

Enemies: Skalln, Tallasco, Ikerica, Scotton, Korbenik

Allies: Arador, Atanva

Capital: Barbarossa

Situation: Planning a crusade against Tallasco.


Ruler: Grand Duke Zeno

Military: Legionaries, Bowmen, War Wagons

Terrain: Ruined flatlands

Enemies: Tallasco, Sarmatia, Ursali

Allies: Arador, Teutonland, Ikerica

Capital: Vespusian

Situation: Very weak, trying to recover from a war with Ursali.


Ruler: Khagankhan Nir'zak

Military: Mangudai, Camel Riders, Cavalry Archers, Bowmen, Longswordsmen

Terrain: Steppes

Enemies: Skalln, Ikerica, Teutonland, Sarmatia

Allies: None

Capital: Ikoranor

Situation: Plans to invade all bordering nations. At war with Sarmatia.


Ruler: Shah Yizvah

Military: Camel Riders, War Elephants, Crossbowmen

Terrain: Steppes

Enemies: Tallasco, Atanva, Korbenik

Allies: Ursali

Capital: Sarken

Situation: At war with Korbenik.


Ruler: Chieftain Murzgal

Military: Tarkans, Camel Riders, Longswordsmen, Knights

Terrain: Deserts

Enemies: Tallasco, Atanva

Allies: Sarmatia

Capital: Rugira

Situation: Failing economy because trade routes with Sarmatia are being disrupted by Korbenik.


Ruler: King Kushluk II

Military: Mangudai, Men-at-Arms, Cavalry Archers, Camel Riders

Terrain: Cold desert

Enemies: None

Allies: None

Capital: Khwaja

Situation: Plague running through nation. Hopes to gain an alliance with either Sarmatia or Ursali.

Unit types

Royal Knight (Mounted)

Weapons: Lance, broadsword.

Armour: Plate armour, helmet, shield.

Two-handed Swordsman

Weapons: Hand-and-a-half Sword.

Armour: Surcoat and chainmail/helmet.


Weapons: Longbow, saex knife.

Armour: Plated jerkin.


Weapons: Crossbow, arming sword.

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, pavise shield.


Weapons: Pike, arming sword.

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield.


Weapons: Battleaxe

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield.


Weapons: Broadsword

Armour: Plate armour, helmet, shield.

Slave Archer

Weapons: Hunting bow

Armour: None


Weapons: Javelin, Spear, Gladius

Armour: Breastplate, winged helmet, scutum shield


Weapons: Spear

Armour: Chainmail, shield

Light Cavalryman (Mounted)

Weapons: Arming sword

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield

Missionary (Mounted)

Weapons: Staff

Armour: None


Weapons: Shortbow, hunting knife

Armour: Plated jerkin

Knight (Mounted)

Weapons: Broadsword

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield

Woad Raider

Weapons: Battleaxe

Armour: Shield


Weapons: Blackjack

Armour: Skullcap

Cavalier (Mounted)

Weapons: Broadsword

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield

Teutonic Knight

Weapons: Broadsword

Armour: Plate armour

Paladin (Mounted)

Weapons: Broadsword

Armour: Plate armour, helmet, shield

War Wagon

Crew: 4 Crossbowmen, 1 driver

Armour: Wood plateing

Mangudai (Mounted)

Weapons: Recurve bow

Armour: Chainmail, helmet

Camel Rider (Mounted)

Weapons: Scimitar

Armour: Helmet, shield

Cavalry Archer (Mounted)

Weapons: Reflex bow

Armour: Chainmail, helmet

War Elephant

Crew: 1 Bowman, 1 Pikeman, 1 driver

Armour: Skullcap

Tarkan (Mounted)

Weapons: Torch

Armour: Chainmail, helmet


Weapons: Arming sword

Armour: Chainmail, helmet, shield



Horse: In perfect condition. 100 coins

Mule: For carrying up to 10 items. 45 coins



Holly Laurel Smithson

Appearance: Tall and skinny with brown hair w/ blonde streaks and blue eyes.

Clothing: (oops, this is kinda an obvious 'un, doncha think? Lol and I forgot it) Loose pants with holes near the thighs and a loose green shirt (dislikes being formal unless she has to), pants held up by a (normal) black belt. Wears sneakers if she has to do a lot of wandering, but prefers rubber shoes (think Croc-like things). Armour is typical for a legionary.

Weapons: For a mid-range weapon, has a spear, for short-range, has a broadsword w/ a sapphire in the hilt (that has to stay, if you don't mind. I <3 swords), for long-range, a javelin (think an otter's), and as a "special", I don't think (if I don't have to) that I'll have one, but she has a shield fore defense.

Age: About 20-25 years.

Brief History: Born in Skalln, grew to hate the former ruler because of his strict laws and, since he had no alliance, she always felt unsafe, so she moved to Atanva. After the horrible war with Ursali that wrecked the land she'd grown to love, and after she saw that the Grand Duke hadn't lost hope, Holly vowed to protect the ruler and the land that she loved.

Bataar Nukuo

Appearance: has alot of muscle but is very agile as well

Clothing: chainmail and cap

Weapons: typical for a Cavalry archer, except for a repeating crossbow (I'd like that to stay ifn you dont mind, its a gift from his dead father)

Age: 22 years

Brief History: Born on the outskirts of Korbenik, Bataar was the best archer in the small village at the age of 7, His father died in a battle against the Skalin, but before he left he gave Bataar his repeating crossbow, his mother died in a Teutonland raid of the village. Bataar has grown to hate both more deeply than any other of Korbeniks enemies